Thursday, October 3, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

A little about me before I was a SAHM/Stampin' Up! Demonstrator!

FIVE Years ago this month...
My friends pushed me around Hollywood Studios one night...
My cat, Morph, loved to curl up in the blankets & lay on my pillow on my bed.

I traveled 'home' to Maryland to see my family that I hadn't seen in quite a while!
This is me with 2 of my nephews!!

I went to the Maryland Renn Faire while I was in town...
AND I actually got an axe in the heart!! 
Sean came from Indiana to meet me in Maryland...
...he helped me move my stuff from my Aunt's house into a storage unit & also packed some of my stuff to keep at his house until he moved to FL...
What a great guy...who would have known that in just 17 months, we would be MARRIED!?!

 We enjoyed lots of food that was 'bad for us'...especially my favorite...FRIED Snickers!
Ok...I know this was a silly post for the night...I was just feeling a little nostalgic.  However, if you liked it, let me know!!  There's plenty more of our adventures...especially our trip back to Indiana in a few days.  Maybe Throwback Thursday needs to be a 'regular' thing?!?
Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you enjoyed tonight's fun pics!


  1. How about our trip to Camp Crop-A-Lot in West Virginia in the snow in February (or was it March) there we filled up the back of my Cherokee with the stuff we took. I think we laughed about that for the first 30 minutes of the trip. That was a great time.

    1. OMG!! That was a GREAT time!!! Not sure if I have pics from that though... :( I have BOXES & BOXES of pre-digital pics that I need to sort & get CD's loaded...but I have also lost tons of digital stuff to multiple hard-drive crashes... :( Working with 2008 because it's something I could If you have the pics from that trip, I'd LOVE copies!!