Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday...

Back to 2009...again!
Date: January 31, 2009
Place: Tampa Bay Times Forum
Event: DANE COOK!!!!!
We had floor seats...only about 20 rows back!  My camera wasn't good enough to get any really great shots of Dane directly...
But there was this awesome screen right above, that helped my poor little camera out a bit!
 Just look at those eyes! ;)
Thank you Sean, for an awesome birthday present!!!!!
(Even it was Super Bowl Weekend & Tampa was INSANE!!!  We still had a great time!)
Happy Thursday, everyone!  Go make some memories!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Where is this week going?!?

Happy Hump-Day...
As I fade in & out of consciousness...from meds & just being physically exhausted...I wonder where the week has gone...& why I haven't gotten more done by now!?! 
Maybe it's because even the most 'normal' task (such as walking to the bathroom) takes me 3 times longer than it should...or causes soo much pain that I'm almost in tears by the time I make it back to the couch?!?  Maybe it's because I had 'BIG PLANS' this week...& now I can't do anything on that list due to not being able to walk, carry things up & down the stairs, stand in one place for more than 5 minutes...or even drive to the grocery store?!?  Maybe it's because I can't sit comfortably at the computer for long enough to even write a whole blog post & I can't move the computer to a more comfortable location until after my daughter has gone to bed?!? 
Whatever the reasons...I'm here now & hoping to share some awesome Stampin' Up! News with you!!!
Sale-a-bration started yesterday!!!  What is Sale-a-bration, you might ask... 
Well, Sale-a-bration is the BIGGEST SU event of the Year (next to the NEW Annual Catalog release in June anyway!)!!!
For every $50 in products that you buy, you get to choose 1 Sale-a-bration Exclusive Item for FREE!!!!! read that correctly...for EVERY $50, you choose a FREE item!  Spend $100, get 2 FREE items!  There's no limit on how many FREE items you can earn...NOW is the time to order all the things you ran out of making your holiday cards & gifts...and all the things you wish you had on hand when you sit down to create something beautiful!!!
Check out the Sale-a-bration Brochure HERE to see what FREE items you can choose.
Then go HERE to check out all the items you can buy to get your FREE Sale-a-bration items!
Use Hostess Code QM2M7UJF when you place your order & you could be the January Mystery Hostess & earn additional FREE products!!!
In addition to the awesome FREE Sale-a-bration Items you can earn, Stampin' Up! also released this little gem yesterday as well!!! 
Check out the video HERE!
If you are one of the first 3 people to order this lovely little machine before January 31st & use Hostess Code QM2M7UJF, you will get to choose an embossing folder valued at $7.95 as a FREE gift from me!  (This will ship separate from your machine unless you contact me to place your order directly)
If you are one of the first 3 people to place an order of $50 or more that includes this awesome machine before January 31st AND use Hostess Code QM2M7UJF, you will get to pick a Sale-a-bration Item, an embossing folder AND a special Cardstock Sampler that I will make for you.  This will be usable carsdstock, in a variety of colors & sizes, to show you the great colors & get you started making amazing projects as soon as your machine arrives!
There are also NEW Weekly Deals this week!  Get the most bang for your buck & add these to your order too!
Don't forget to add the Hostess Code to your orders...YOU could be the Mystery Hostess...but only if you order AND use the Hostess Code!!!
P.S. It's QM2M7UJF
Thank you for stopping by!  I hope to get back to 'normal' one of these days, but I'm glad that you're sticking through it with me while I adjust to making-do with what I can. ;)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday's Done...Already?!? some of you may know, Thursday was my birthday!  And you may be wondering why you didn't hear from me on Friday...and/or why there was no MDS Monday post this morning...

My birthday did NOT go as say the least!  At about 11:35 a.m, just after putting my daughter down for her nap, I fell down the stairs.  My right ankle immediately swelled up to the size of a softball & being 25 weeks pregnant, I was scared!  I called my husband at work & he came home right away.  After looking at my ankle he said we were going to the ER to make sure it wasn't broken & that I should call my OB as well...

Just about noon...shortly after the fall & a little ice.

Even after HOURS in the ER, I still managed to get some smiles out of my 2 favorite people!
 Diagnosis: Sprained Ankle, Bruised Knee, Hip, Hand & Shoulder...
Stay off of it as much as possible (couldn't put any pressure on it anyway), elevate & ice.

When we finally got out of the ER, we went to get some dinner at IHOP.  None of us had eaten anything but a couple snacks since breakfast that morning...  We didn't make it back home til after 8:30 p.m. & I can honestly say that I was exhausted at that point.  :(  I had an appointment with my OB on Friday morning it was ice on the couch for a little while & then to bed.
The OB appointment went well, but it was a challenge to get there on the some better meds that are safe to take with the 'Bun', although actually getting that prescription was yet another challenge...  Luckily a friend & his Mom were able to come help me for the rest of the day so that hubby could go to work.
The weekend was a blur of sleeping & icing my ankle...the meds make me drowsy...& hubby has been an amazing help during my inability to do all the things I normally do every day.  I'm not good at 'resting'...especially when I can't even get to my computer as often as I would like to.
My daughter woke up with a cough on Friday morning & it got worse over the weekend, so we took her to the Dr this morning too...just a little cold, not even any prescription unless she doesn't get better by this that is good!!
There is no MDS Monday post today because the MDS Monday Challenge includes watercolor washes...& I don't have any of the stamp sets that include the washes yet!  Shocking, I know!  But with the recent unexpected medical expenses, I might have to wait a few weeks before I purchase any more crafting supplies...although Sale-a-bration starts TOMORROW & you can get FREE Exclusive Sale-a-bration items for EVERY $50 you spend!
Check out the awesome stuff that you can get for FREE, here!
Use Hostess Code  QM2M7UJF when you place your order.
Have a crafty week & watch for more updates & hopefully some new projects this week too!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Birthday...Through the

How lucky that my birthday falls on a Thursday this year!?!?!
I used MDS to create these quick pages of my last few birthdays...
 Yes...2010 is hard drive with my 2010 pics crashed & I have not been able to locate copies from any of my friends yet...  (If you're ready this & have any pics from 2010 that I might be interested in having, please feel free to send them to me ASAP!)

I don't have any plans for today...but I'm sure Saffron & I will have a nice relaxing day!
Go create something, have a great day & don't forget about the extra bonuses you can earn today for
Thanks for stopping by today!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oh no! Tomorrow is my Birthday!?!?! I took a couple days off from writing & posting 'on schedule'...& yes, I feel a bit guilty about it. :(  They say it takes 21 days of consistently doing something to make it a 'habit'...but since I don't post on the weekends...& sometimes I try to write multiple posts in one sitting & schedule them...I'll probably never get this blog-posting thing ingrained in myself as a 'habit'...& therefore, when I really don't know what to write about or really need to get other things done or just simply get distracted on the computer when I sit down to write...sometimes, days will be missed.  It's that simple!  It's not that I don't want to write...or even that I don't try...but sometimes it just doesn't happen.  Oh well.
I really appreciate those of you who do take the time to read my matter how trivial they may be!  (Today's post might be one of those...)  However, when you read something that you particularly enjoy, I would love to hear from you!  And even better...if you read something that you think a friend would enjoy, please pass the post on to them too!  Tell them to let me know you sent them...I do have a pile of random gifts to give out...maybe for the person that sends me to the most 'referrals' will get something?!?  Maybe a random new follower?!?  Maybe the person who places the largest Stampin' Up! order this month?!?  I'm not sure...& I still need a few more orders on Hostess Code QM2M7UJF to award the January Mystery Hostess gifts too...  Sooo...start sharing, tell me what you like to see here, leave me comments & challenge me to reply to me, help you!!!!!
YES...tomorrow is my birthday (just about an hour from now, really)...& for my birthday, I'm giving anyone who joins Paper Pumpkin (using me as your Demonstrator) an extra GIFT!!!   
(My birthday...YOU get gifts!)
What is Paper Pumpkin?!?  Check it out here, but know that it is an awesome way to get a project kit delivered right to your door every month...much better than bills & junk-mail!  Every kit has exclusive stamps (& an ink spot too) that you can use over & over again!!!  Kits vary from cards, journals, d├ęcor & other it really is great for everyone!  There is no commitment, even though it is a 'subscription' can skip a month if/when you need to...which keeps you from getting the 'Starter Kit' over again like you would if you leave & then re-join.
AND if 7 people join Paper Pumpkin (using me as your Demonstrator), each of you will also get additional FREE GIFTS!!!  (I don't know what it is yet, but I get a Grab Bag if I get 7 new Subscribers before January 25th...& I will split it with those that help me earn it!)
Remember that Stampin' Up! is also giving a FREE SET OF MARKERS to NEW SUBSCRIBERS until Feb even if you're not ready to Join NOW, there's still time to earn FREE STUFF!!  More info can be found HERE!
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There are also New Weekly Deals going on until January 27th!  Check them out here & don't forget Hostess Code QM2M7UJF to be included in the chance to be the January Mystery Hostess!
We also just learned that the Follow My Heart stamp set shown below has SOLD OUT in Clear Mount!!!  It is still available in Wood Mount (Item #134611)
Soo...wish me a Happy Birthday by placing your orders ASAP...join Paper Pumpkin (then join me for Pumpkin Patch Night to assemble them together if you'd like!)
...get your FREE Markers & Free Gift(s)...tell your friends & get them Free Stuff too!!!
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Thanks for stopping by...& reading this (if you actually made it this far!)...  I hope I can provide something that you're looking for, or something that you enjoy seeing, so please help me, help YOU!  It really is what I'm here for!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

MDS Monday #49!

I decided to go pretty simple with this week's MDS Monday Challenge.  I believe that some photos can speak for themselves & words just get in the why not let those photos speak?!?
Here is my layout:

& here is the sketch from the MDS Monday Blog:
I hope you have enjoyed this week's layout!  Please don't forget to leave me a comment, share with your friends & go submit your own project too!
Thanks again!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Feature: Valentine's Limited Edition Products!

The Valentine Products shown HERE are only available until January 27th, or while supplies last!  You don't want to miss out on these awesome designs & fun accessories!!
My favorites are the 2 stamp sets:
Follow My Heart (Item #134614 in Clear-mount)
...and Love You More (Item #131853 in Clear-mount)
For complete supply lists for either of these cards, please leave me a message & I will get it over to you ASAP!  Although some of the products I used on the 'Love You to the Moon' card have retired, you can certainly substitute them for others!  (I was going to do the lists now, but a fussy toddler required my attention & now it's time to welcome hubby home from work!)
Check out the these & the other Valentine's Products HERE & use Hostess Code QM2M7UJF when you order.
Thanks for stopping by today!  If you like what you see, please leave me a comment & be sure to share with your friends too!!  Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

This week, 5 years ago...Sean & I headed out to meet some of his friends from Indiana & Kentucky.  There was a water-sport competition at Daytona Beach that some of them were participating in.  It was a chilly day for us...but we still had a blast!  I'll spare you the pics of his friend in a Speedo...& just share some of us today!
Writing in the sand...
Our shadows...
Keeping warm...
A nice winter day on the beach...
Sean's finally getting his jet-ski back...
Me...waiting in the van...warming up!
It was a great day & a fun event to watch!  I know Sean misses his friends (& his jet-ski since he sold it), but I'm soo glad that he decided to move to Florida to be with me!
Hope you've enjoyed this week's Throwback Thursday!  Check back next week for whatever I find to post then...
What were YOU doing 5 years ago this week?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wacky Wednesday!

Today is the last day to Join the Bundle of the Month Club, Stamp Set of the Month Club, Big Shot Club or January Product Share!  See the details HERE & get your order in to me ASAP!  (These products will still be available after today, however the benefits of Club Membership will move to the February Clubs)
Here's another card using the Bundle of the Month!
Also, Stampin' Up! announced 2 new things yesterday...
I told you about the NEW Digital Downloads yesterday...we get those EVERY keep checking back for those.  If you haven't purchased My Digital Studio Software yet, you can always try the 30-Day FREE Trial!  I think you will enjoy it...& I'm here to answer questions about it too...just ASK!!!
There are also NEW Weekly Deals from January 14th-20th!
Please use Hostess Code QM2M7UJF when you place your order!
Have a great 'Hump Day' & do something creative!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday, Tuesday...

Last Tuesday, I reminded you about the Order I'm reminding again!  If you want to join the Bundle of the Month Club, Stamp of the Month Club, Big Shot Club or January Product Share...TOMORROW is the day to ORDER!!! You can read all the details HERE.  If you have any questions about this or would like to include your order, please contact me ASAP!

Here's a card I made with the Stamp of the Month Club set: Love You to the Moon.
Leave me a comment if you need the supply list for this card!
Keep reading to find out how to get your:
New Paper Pumpkin subscribers who sign up at before February 10, 2014, will receive a FREE set of 2012-2014 In Color Stampin' Write Markers - a $14.95 value - with their Welcome Kit.  Check them out HERE.
In addition to these FREE Stampin' Write Markers, anyone who signs up before January 25th will also receive another FREE gift!!!  I'm not even sure what it will be yet, but you can be sure it will be a high-quality Stampin' Up! Product!!!
Don't forget that today is also NEW Download Day!!!  Check out the latest Digital Downloads HERE
Use Hostess Code QM2M7UJF when you order & you could be the January Mystery Hostess!
I hope you all have a great Tuesday!  Happy Crafting & check back tomorrow for the latest NEWS!

Monday, January 13, 2014

MDS Monday #48!

Well, I'm back 'at it' again this week...following the great sketches at the MDS Monday Blog!

This week I did a card challenge...while they are more difficult for me, I love that I can take their sketch & 'alter' it where I need to & follow it where I want to!  I love the sketch...& I love the hexagons too...but I wanted to challenge myself to use a different shape this time.  Stars are an element that I don't use often, so I though, "Why not?!?"  I love my birthday card creation, even though it's not as 'plain' as I started out trying to make it & I'd love to hear what you have to say about it too!  (Like, dislike, thoughts, ideas to improve, anything you'd like to tell me!!!)  I still consider myself a My Digital Studio Novice, although I learn new things every time I create something with this program...& that's really the idea, right?!?  To learn something new every day!!!

I hope you enjoy...

Here is the sketch...  Be sure to go to MDS Monday & check out the other beautiful creations as well!  Come back & tell me which one you like the best for a chance to win some

P.S. I did get "Top Pick" mention for my MDS Monday #47 submission!!!  Thanks ladies!  It's always fun to join in & I love seeing everyone else's work too!
I'd love to have some of my readers join in the fun!  If you submit a project, please let me know...I have prizes!!!
Have a creative week & learn something new!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Feature Friday: Bundle of the Month Club!

Hello everyone!  Back on January 1st, I gave you some information about the NEW Clubs I am running this year.  Now I am going to show you some awesome cards I made yesterday afternoon, once my order actually arrived with my very own Perfect Pennants/Banners Framelits Bundle inside!!! read that correctly...the following projects were all made yesterday afternoon/evening!  The Bundles make creating quick & just add the paper & inks you want to use!  I especially LOVE this Bundle because it is soo versatile!  But I'm gonna stop telling you about it & just SHOW YOU!!!
A great birthday card for anyone!!!

A simple card...just because!

& a fun card just to say, "HI!"

Here is the Bundle & if you don't want to join the Bundle of the Month Club (although I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to?!?), you can click HERE & order the Bundle yourself. 
Please use Hostess Code QM2M7UJF if you do!
So, now that you've seen the bundle & 3 awesome cards that were made with it, let me know if you'd like to join our Bundle of the Month Club!  If you can't make it to the FREE Class for joining, I can send you your samples & products for a small additional fee...or we can meet somewhere if you're local to me.  (The projects for the Class will be different than those I have shown here!!!)
Also, if you'd like any of the other products you see in my 3 cards today, the Supply Lists are below!
Make a Wish Birthday Card
Cardstock: Gumball Green (Item #126840) , Summer Starfruit (Item #126839), Very Vanilla (Item #101650)
Designer Series Paper: Birthday Basics (Item #130145)
Ink: Gumball Green (Item #126861)
Ribbon: Raspberry Ripple 3/8" Stitched Satin (Item #126845)
Embellishments: Rhinestone Basic Jewels (Item #119246)
Adhesives: Multipurpose Liquid Glue (Item #110755) , Stampin' Dimensionals (Item # 104430)
Simple Just Because Card
Cardstock: Basic Black (Item #121045) , Very Vanilla (Item #101650)
Designer Series Paper: Modern Medley (Item #126926)
Ink: Cherry Cobbler (Item #126966)
Ribbon: Cherry Cobbler Seam Binding (Item #120992)
Adhesives: Multipurpose Liquid Glue (Item #110755), Glue Dots (Item #103683)
Hello Card
Cardstock: Basic Gray (Item #121044), Pool Party (Item #122924) , Calypso Coral (Item #122925)
Designer Series Paper: Epic Day This and That (Item #130814)
Ink: Basic Gray (Item #126981) , Pool Party (Item #126982)
Ribbon: Calypso Coral Baker's Twine (Item #125573)
Embellishments: Epic Day This and That Designer Washi Tape (Item #131269)
Adhesives: Multipurpose Liquid Glue(Item #110755) , Stampin' Dimensionals (Item #104430)
Thanks again for stopping by!  I hope you've enjoyed the cards I am sharing today.  Please leave me a comment & tell me which is your favorite & why!  Someone might win some BLOG CANDY!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

Last Throwback Thursday I shared with you a little glimpse into New Year's 2009!  This week I'm staying with January 2009...Sean had just moved to Florida in November & we hadn't been to a beach yet!  We drove to Melbourne to pick up a bike for a friend who was coming to Florida the following week & figured we should take advantage of the trip & the good weather to stop & enjoy the beach for a little while.


Happy Throwback Thursday!  Thanks for stopping by. 
Stay tuned next week to see what adventures I find to share!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday Announcements!!!

It's Wednesday!!!  Which means that new info was released yesterday!

New Weekly Deals from January 7th-13th!  Please use Hostess Code QM2M7UJF when you order!

New Digital Downloads too!  Check them out HERE!!!  Once again, remember the current Hostess Code is QM2M7UJF!

I hope everyone stayed warm yesterday!  I know that the negative temps across the country have been deadly & I hope everyone is taking the proper precautions to stay safe!  We had a high of about 40 in 'sunny' Central Florida.  I didn't even brave the temps to leave the house...that is extremely cold for us!  & for those of us who can barely handle it at 70 degrees without a jacket, it's just wrong! lol 

Thanks for stopping by & be sure to watch for tomorrow's Throwback Thursday post!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Reminders

Just sending a reminder today...ORDER Deadlines are coming soon!

Read about the Bundle of the Month Club, Stamp of the Month Club, Big Shot Club & January Product Share HERE.  The last day to order these items & take advantage of the benefits of Club Membership is going to be January 15th @ 9 p.m.  Keep in mind, these products will still be available after that, but you will not be able to start Club Membership until February & you will lose the extra benefits for the month of January.  If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact me ASAP!  & remember, you can participate in these Clubs & Product Shares no matter where you live!!!!  (There's just a small additional shipping fee for me to send the products, samples & other gifts to you.)

Also...if you have NOT joined Paper Pumpkin, what are you waiting for?!?!?  Go HERE & sign up BEFORE Thursday, January 9th in order to start the year off with your very own Paper Pumpkin Subscription!  Every month you get a package sent directly to you, with a project that you can complete in about 30 minutes...that includes stamps & ink for you to keep & re-use on your own projects!!!  The BEST thing about these stamps is that they are Paper Pumpkin EXCLUSIVE!!!!!  You can't buy them anywhere else & if you don't join NOW, you won't be able to order them after the fact either.  (Every once in a while there are a few extra kits floating around...but you will pay more for these kits then your subscription would cost!) 

Have a great Tuesday, check out the Newest Digital Downloads HERE & keep an eye out tomorrow for more New Updates!!!

Until tomorrow...Happy Crafting!

Monday, January 6, 2014

MDS Monday #47!

Welcome to MDS Monday!!!  It's soo good to be back to making digital creations in addition to my 'touchy-feely' creations!  I have missed it, & although it was a much needed break, I am sooooo glad to be back at it!  I love the MDS Monday Blog for their ideas & samples & gives me a 'guideline' to work within, & keeps me on the task of actually getting something DONE!  Otherwise, I'd have even more half-complete projects saved & waiting for me to return to  Not that I don't have a TON of those too, because I often get inspired while I'm working on something...start that so that I don't forget my idea...then go back to finish what I was working on...& hope that I eventually make it back to my idea! is the sketch for MDS Monday #47.

And here is my super-simple creation!   
While I'm a pretty simple stamper most of the time, scrapbooking...not-so-much...which is why my daughter is 17 months old & I am still working on her pages from her first 10 days of life...doh!  Digital scrapbooking...especially when the sketches from the MDS Monday Blog are so me to create quick & easy pages that I can simply print (or order & have printed), so that I actually have a record of these events that is prettier than the photos sitting on my computer (or even in a box!) for a very long time.
With a 2nd baby due in May, I'm sure that my time to scrapbook will decrease even more & I will be doing more & more digital scrapbooking.  While I don't think I will ever switch completely to digital...there are just some things that I really enjoy doing that the computer & software don't compare has definitely become something that I enjoy & will continue to do!  (If only I could stay off Facebook & work on my digital projects during that time instead...I'd have even more done!)
If you have any questions about digital creating, our MDS Software, Free Trial or anything else, please don't hesitate to ask me!  Feel free to leave comments here too!  One of my goals this year (in addition to keeping up with my blog more consistently) is to respond to comments that are left for me!  Test me!!!  Share this with your friends & family, expand my readership, leave me more comments & make me work toward my goals!!!
Thanks for stopping by & reading today!  I hope to hear from you soon!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Freebie Friday: Project Share!!!!!

While I'm waiting for all my NEW products to arrive from the upcoming Occasions Catalog...& some NEW Valentine's/Love stamps too...I wanted to share a project that is just PERFECT for that special someone in your life!  This 'step-card' is fun & exciting...& any recipient will be happy to show it off to their friends & family!  (The colors can even be changed to your (or their) favorites!!!
My color choices are: Pink Pirouette, Rich Razzleberry & Early Espresso.
I did use some retired buttons on this one, but you can easily substitute those for some that you have on-hand or order the ones included on the Supply List at the end of this post.  The 'Celebrate' greeting is also retired, but I'm sure you have a perfect sentiment to add to this card! 
If you'd like to learn how to make this & a few other 'Fun Folds' cards, please let me know so that I can put the class on the calendar!!!  They are fun to make & once you know how, they are much easier than they look!  Plus, they 'WOW!' people...and still fit in a regular envelope!!!  (Postage may be slightly higher due to the 'bulk' of whatever buttons you use & other factors.  I always recommend taking items to the post office if you are unsure of the postage rate for the item.)
Supplies Needed:
Stamp Set: Hearts A Flutter (Item #129252 - Clear-mount)
Framelits: Hearts A Flutter (Item #130159)
Embossing Folder: Adorning Accents (Item #125601)
Cardstock: Whisper White (Item #); Pink Pirouette (Item #); Early Espresso (Item #) 
Ink: Pink Pirouette (Item #); Rich Razzleberry (Item #); Early Espresso (Item #) 
Buttons: Vintage Faceted Designer Buttons (Item #127555)
Baker's Twine: Early Espresso (Item #123124)
Adhesives: Multipurpose Liquid Glue (Item #110755); Stampin' Dimensionals (Item #104430)
Other Tools Used: Big Shot Machine (Item #113439); Sampin' Trimmer (Item #126889); Simply Scored Scoring Tool (Item #122334); Clear Blocks
If you have any questions, need to order any of the items listed here or want to learn exactly how to make this fold, PLEASE comment & let me know so that I can help you!

Thanks for visiting my Blog today!  I appreciate you!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

5 years ago...

Welcome to the 1st Throwback Thursday of 2014!
5 years ago I was celebrating a lot of things in my life...
The man who would quickly become my best friend, lover, confidant & husband had recently moved in with me.
We were having a blast getting to know each other better & learning that we really are meant to be together!
New Year's Eve was spent in our home, surrounded by some close friends:
& the next few days were filled with some grand adventures too!
Here are a few of my favorite pics from one of our nights out...
Hope you've enjoyed this trip down Memory Lane!  I'm not sure what next Thursday will bring, but I will try to make it interesting.
The weekend is almost here!  Does anyone have any big plans?!?