Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oh no! Tomorrow is my Birthday!?!?! I took a couple days off from writing & posting 'on schedule'...& yes, I feel a bit guilty about it. :(  They say it takes 21 days of consistently doing something to make it a 'habit'...but since I don't post on the weekends...& sometimes I try to write multiple posts in one sitting & schedule them...I'll probably never get this blog-posting thing ingrained in myself as a 'habit'...& therefore, when I really don't know what to write about or really need to get other things done or just simply get distracted on the computer when I sit down to write...sometimes, days will be missed.  It's that simple!  It's not that I don't want to write...or even that I don't try...but sometimes it just doesn't happen.  Oh well.
I really appreciate those of you who do take the time to read my matter how trivial they may be!  (Today's post might be one of those...)  However, when you read something that you particularly enjoy, I would love to hear from you!  And even better...if you read something that you think a friend would enjoy, please pass the post on to them too!  Tell them to let me know you sent them...I do have a pile of random gifts to give out...maybe for the person that sends me to the most 'referrals' will get something?!?  Maybe a random new follower?!?  Maybe the person who places the largest Stampin' Up! order this month?!?  I'm not sure...& I still need a few more orders on Hostess Code QM2M7UJF to award the January Mystery Hostess gifts too...  Sooo...start sharing, tell me what you like to see here, leave me comments & challenge me to reply to me, help you!!!!!
YES...tomorrow is my birthday (just about an hour from now, really)...& for my birthday, I'm giving anyone who joins Paper Pumpkin (using me as your Demonstrator) an extra GIFT!!!   
(My birthday...YOU get gifts!)
What is Paper Pumpkin?!?  Check it out here, but know that it is an awesome way to get a project kit delivered right to your door every month...much better than bills & junk-mail!  Every kit has exclusive stamps (& an ink spot too) that you can use over & over again!!!  Kits vary from cards, journals, décor & other it really is great for everyone!  There is no commitment, even though it is a 'subscription' can skip a month if/when you need to...which keeps you from getting the 'Starter Kit' over again like you would if you leave & then re-join.
AND if 7 people join Paper Pumpkin (using me as your Demonstrator), each of you will also get additional FREE GIFTS!!!  (I don't know what it is yet, but I get a Grab Bag if I get 7 new Subscribers before January 25th...& I will split it with those that help me earn it!)
Remember that Stampin' Up! is also giving a FREE SET OF MARKERS to NEW SUBSCRIBERS until Feb even if you're not ready to Join NOW, there's still time to earn FREE STUFF!!  More info can be found HERE!
(You just get MORE FREE STUFF if you JOIN NOW & get some friends to JOIN TOO!!!)
There are also New Weekly Deals going on until January 27th!  Check them out here & don't forget Hostess Code QM2M7UJF to be included in the chance to be the January Mystery Hostess!
We also just learned that the Follow My Heart stamp set shown below has SOLD OUT in Clear Mount!!!  It is still available in Wood Mount (Item #134611)
Soo...wish me a Happy Birthday by placing your orders ASAP...join Paper Pumpkin (then join me for Pumpkin Patch Night to assemble them together if you'd like!)
...get your FREE Markers & Free Gift(s)...tell your friends & get them Free Stuff too!!!
(Don't forget Hostess Code QM2M7UJF!)
Thanks for stopping by...& reading this (if you actually made it this far!)...  I hope I can provide something that you're looking for, or something that you enjoy seeing, so please help me, help YOU!  It really is what I'm here for!!!

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