Monday, July 22, 2013

MDS Monday!

Soo...thanks once again go to Jena! Thank you for soo many things!!!  Thank you for getting me to play with MDS more, for getting me to work on my Blog, for helping me brainstorm ideas & for attempting to keep me on track a little more often...& mostly for just being there...on the other side of the country (almost), but just an IM, text, phone call or e-mail away...anytime I need you!  It really is amazing how you can build friendships & relationships with people you have never met in person with the technology we have today!  (Soo much quicker than my pen-pals of the 'olden days'...when we had to rely on 'snail-mail' to write to each other!!) lol 

You can visit Jena's Blog HERE!

Now, you're probably wondering when I'm going to get to the stuff this post is actually about...  How about right NOW?!?

Jena told me about this Blog that does MDS challenges every week...& told me how she started doing them to get some more 'practice' using our amazing My Digital Studio software.  While I wanted to go there right away & jump in, I didn't make it.  Instead, I glanced quickly at the current challenge & the submissions that were already in...LOVED the layout design & thought, "There is NO WAY I'm going to be able to learn how to do THAT in just 2 days!"  So...I closed it & went on with my list of everything else that I needed to do...keeping it in my head that I WOULD learn how to do that & make a layout with that design, even if it was too late to submit it.  I'm extremely happy to say that it was not as difficult to learn as I expected (& then I was kicking myself for not just doing it then & submitting it to the challenge)...

Here is the challenge sketch:
Click on the photo of the sketch to go to the Blog & see all the amazing pages that were submitted!
And here is the 2-page spread that I made!!!!!  ( I wish I could figure out how to get them to sit next to each other, but that will have to be something I learn later...)
I hope you enjoy!!  If you need more info about My Digital Studio or you would like to purchase the download, please go HERE!  If you would like the software on a disc, it is available here as well!  If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!
Thanks for visiting!!




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