Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Creative Day!! has been a very creative day!  I got half of my Christmas Cards ready to assemble at a crop this Saturday!  I also designed another card that I will need a TON of...  I just haven't cut the supplies for them yet because I don't know how many I'll need yet.  On top of that, I also worked on some projects for a basket that I am donating for a Silent Auction...gotten my latest Newsletter out (if you didn't get it, be sure to let me know what e-mail address to subscribe for you!), & now I'm updating here!  WOW!!

Soo...I don't want to ruin the Christmas Card surprise by posting a pic of I'll post this one instead...

Just one of the designs that are available to order if you wish! ;)  You can also order the suppleis for the cards & I will cut your cardstock for you!  This will give you more time to simply stamp & assemble them...the FUN parts! ;)  There are plenty of other designs available as well.  Contact me today to pick your design or order something custom!

Tomorrow is also the first day of the Advent Calendar with Drawers Class!  If you didn't get in this one, check my website for the other dates that this class will be available!!  You're going to be upset if you miss it!
I hope that once in a while, everyone has a day as creative as today has been for me!!

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