Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Paper Pumpkin Promotion!

Here are all the details on a Paper Pumpkin Promotion that you don't want to miss!
If you don't know about Paper Pumpkin yet, you can get all the details here.
You can also check out Stampin' Up!'s Paper Pumpkin Board on Pinterest!!
You will find great ideas for your kits...especially if you are not completely sold on the project idea that the kit is intended for!
If you'd like to follow me on Pinterest, go HERE!
(I don't Pin as often as I should...someone bug me to Pin more stuff!!!)
Stampin' Up! is running a contest right now & I'd LOVE your help!
If I win, YOU win too!!!
ALL of our Pre-Paid Paper Pumpkin Kits include the following:
  • a great kit delivered to your door every month
  • exclusive stamps for your project are included
  • your 1st month's kit will also have your clear block included
  • ink spots & directions are also included
  • the kits are a surprise, the suspense is always FUN!
I'm gonna start with the Subscription that I feel is the best value for most people!
The Serious Crafter Pack!
With the purchase a 6-month Pre-Paid Paper Pumpkin Subscription for only $113.70 + tax YOU get:
  • to SAVE $1 per month on the regular subscription price = savings of $12!
  • during Sale-a-bration you get to pick 2 FREE SAB items
  • use Hostess Code EP2M2AJU to be entered into this month's drawing
Purchase your 6-month Pre-Paid Paper Pumpkin Subscription during this Promotion & you will also receive a FREE Paper Pumpkin Past Kit!!!!!
You can use this kit yourself or you can pass it on to a friend & have them come craft with you!
There are 6 past kits to choose from for your FREE one...but they could run out at any time, so don't wait!!! Order your subscription NOW to get all these great benefits!
Heck...bump your order up to a $150 order (before tax & shipping) & you will also get:
  • an additional Sale-a-bration item for FREE
  • $25 in FREE products of your choice out of all the current available products
Remember, Sale-a-bration ENDS March 31st! Sale-a-bration items may run out before then...
don't wait...ORDER NOW!
There are also 1, 3 & 12-month Pre-Paid Paper Pumpkin Subscriptions available!!!!
Read below for the details on what is included in each of those purchases.
Die-Hard Crafter Pack!!!
12-month Pre-Paid Paper Pumpkin Subscription = $215.40
  • all the great benefits on the 1st list
  • a savings of $2/month = $24 total...that's more than 1 month FREE!
  • 4...yes FOUR...FREE Sale-a-bration items
  • $30 in FREE products of your choice
  • Bump your order to $250 for an additional SAB item & $10 more in FREE products          (FIVE Sale-a-bration items AND $40 in FREE products!)
A Little Taste of Pumpkin Kit!
3-month Pre-Paid Paper Pumpkin Subscription = Regular price $59.85
  • all the great benefits on the 1st list
  • SALE price of $54.85! = $5 off!
  • 1 FREE item from Sale-a-bration
The Special Treat Kit!
1-month Pre-Paid Paper Pumpkin Subscription = $19.95
  • all the great benefits on the 1st list
  • these make a great gift for any friend or relative
  • a FUN way to try out our Paper Pumpkin kits
  • an awesome Mommy & Me project kit for a special treat!
I know this is a LOT of information! If you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to ASK ME!
I have been a Paper Pumpkin subscriber myself since the beginning of the program...2 YEARS this month! If you tried it before & were unhappy with the kits, I would ask that you try it again...even if just for a 1-month Pre-Paid Subscription! The projects & quality of these kits as increased tremendously in the time this program has been around!
If I make it to my goal of selling 25 months of Pre-Paid Subscriptions, everyone who orders at least 1 month from me will get a special gift too!
This is a card from the last kit that I worked on...just a few days ago! These little shaker cards were soooo much fun! Can't wait to send them to a few lucky people & see how they like them too!
Remember to use Hostess Code EP2M2AJU to be entered into the monthly drawing as well!

Thanks a bunch for checking out this post & thank you even more if you decide to help me reach my goals with this contest!!

Have a great day! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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