Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Very First...

 Fire Brigade was the very first stamp set that I ordered from Stampin' Up!...all the way back in 2004! I knew I would use this set...eventually...with all the firemen in my family. It just took me a long time to actually USE it! But now that I have used it a few times, I love it even more!
Today was my brother's 30th birthday! This is the card I sent him.
I can't believe he's 30!
I also made this card & a set of 10 thank you cards without the black 'buffing' for a friends' son's 5th birthday on Saturday where we got to tour the local fire station & climb on a fire truck!
I love giving thank you cards to the parents of children who have invited us to their parties! The kids don't appreciate them as much, but the parents need a gift too! If I can help them spread some cheer to those that came to their child's party, then I'm doing my job as a crafter who firmly believes in the written word...especially HAND written!
Send those cards...brighten someone's day!
(You know how it feels to get a piece of mail that's not a bill...share that with someone!)
Happy 30th Birthday, 'Little' Brother! I love you & miss you!
P.S. Thanks for stopping by! It's also my Mom's birthday today...maybe I'll share her card later this week. ;)

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